Learn WebVR

Are you interested in creating your own Virtual Reality scenes?

You could be:

  • a teacher that plans to use Virtual Reality for teaching integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • a student interested in creating your own immersive movies, games or stories
  • a developer looking to learn about the latest Virtual Reality concepts and frameworks
  • A marketing professional that wants to explore how Virtual Reality can be applied to new forms of advertising

...or you might just be interested in learning something new, fun and cutting-edge!

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Creating Virtual Worlds Workshops

We are planning to run pilot workshops for high school students in early 2019 at the University of Newcastle. In these workshops, students will learn about creating Virtual Reality scenes using the WebVR framework AFrame. One of the advantages of using A-Frame is that students will be able to create and test their VR creations on their own computers and phones, and these creations will also run on real Virtual Reality headsets. You can find out more about WebVR and A-Frame here.

We have recently received funding through the University of Newcastle's Centre for 21st Humanities Startup Pitch competition. This funding has been used to purchase Virtual Reality headsets, which students will be able to view their VR scenes through during the workshops.

The registration for these 2019 workshops hasn't opened yet but if you are interested in participating, please register for our mailing list.